Opening Day 2023

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Snowshoe WV – We can hardly contain our excitement as Snowshoe Mountain Resort gets closer to opening day with a projected opening of December 1st! Now is an incredible time to book your Snowshoe, WV, ski trip because the weather forecast over the next 10 days is calling for near perfect snowmaking temps.

Situated at the southern end of Cheat Mountain, on the two highest peaks in the entire state, Snowshoe Mountain’s elevation of 4,848ft produces a unique microclimate keeping it much cooler than the surrounding areas.

Snowshoe boasts some of the best skiing and snowboarding on the East Coast, with diverse terrain for all skill levels. The village atmosphere is also vibrant and inviting, featuring cozy lodges, lively après-ski scenes, and a range of winter activities beyond the slopes. 

The real magic behind great trail conditions early in the season is Snowshoe’s state-of-the-art snowmaking equipment. Making snow involves a process that replicates the natural conditions necessary for snow formation. 

PC: Snowshoe Mountain 

Over the past several years Snowshoe has spent more than $5 million on new cannons and technology to make the process as energy efficient and possible. Many of the snow guns have access to temperature and humidity sensors that trigger the automation software and adjust air/water ratios to ensure both high quality snow and maximum snow production.

Fun fact: If all the cannons are ignited in perfect conditions for 12 hours, that would completely cover a football field in 27 feet of snow. 

The optimal conditions for blowing snow and efficient snowmaking typically involve a combination of temperature, humidity, and wind speed…mostly known as the “Wet-bulb” temperature ( See chart below).

Here are the key factors to look for when predicting snowmaking conditions at Snowshoe Mountain (you can find this information on most weather apps):

  • Subfreezing Temperatures: Snowmaking is most effective when the ambient air temperature is below freezing (32°F or 0°C). Colder temperatures allow water droplets to freeze more rapidly, forming ice crystals.
  • Low Humidity: Low humidity is favorable for snowmaking because it allows the water droplets to evaporate more quickly, leaving behind smaller ice particles. 
  • Wind Speed: Moderate to high wind speeds can help disperse the artificial snow over a larger area. 
  • Wet-Bulb Temperature: The wet-bulb temperature is a measure that combines temperature and humidity. It provides a more accurate indication of the potential for snowmaking. The lower the wet-bulb temperature, the more conducive the conditions are for efficient snow production. (Wet-bulb temperatures from 14-22 are ideal) 
  • Water Supply: Snowshoe’s two lakes are two of their biggest assets for making snow. The water from these lakes is pumped around the mountain to supply water for snowmaking. The snow melts and drains back into the lake creating the mountain’s own water cycle.
  • Snow Grooming: Once the artificial snow has been produced, it is often spread and groomed by snow groomers to create an even and desirable surface for skiing or other winter activities.

This handy chart shows how humidity and air temperature correlate to give us wet-bulb temperature – PC: Snowathome

From the crisp mountain air to the stunning snow-covered landscapes, Snowshoe promises an exhilarating escape for winter enthusiasts, making it a must-visit destination for unforgettable snowy adventures. Get ready to embrace the exhilaration of winter in a setting that combines adrenaline-pumping activities with the serene beauty of a mountain retreat.

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