Eenu Dutcher Holdings, LLC (EDH, LLC) is owned and operated by two friends, co-workers, Soldiers, and skiers, who are deeply devoted to professionalism, fun, and family.

They bought their first condo together in 2004, as a way to learn about real estate and have their own place to take their future families. In 2008, they tired of the financial losses and restrictions of use endured on the Snowshoe Rental Program and decided to try managing on their own. They were among the first owners in Mountain Lodge to list on a website of growing popularity called VRBO. That year they posted their first ever profit. Eventually, other owners noticed and asked Tim and Roy to work the same magic for them.  Soon thereafter, EDH, LLC was born and has continued to grow and provide renters with an exceptional experience.

There is no secret to their success – it boils down to a passion for Snowshoe and a belief in doing the common things uncommonly well. Tim and Roy have been traveling to Snowshoe since 2004, from every direction as they moved around the country, and they have been answering renters’ questions since 2008. Their children have been skiing Snowshoe since 2015, as young as four. They are happy to share their experiences to help renters make the most out of their trip. Doing the common things well comes from Tim’s and Roy’s background. They believe in honesty (think ads and communication), empathy (putting ourselves in your shoes to empower you with the right information), clear communication (answers to your questions, not dodges), integrity (doing the right thing, even when it may hurt), and availability (reach out when you have problems).

Along the way, Tim, Roy, and their families have gotten to know the management and many of the owners and staff of Mountain Lodge. They have served on and worked alongside the Executive Boards of Mountain Lodge and the Snowshoe Community Resort District. They were on the leading edge of recent WV tax law changes and spent over a year working with the WV State Tax Department and Mountain Lodge to prevent double-taxation for EDH, LLC clients.

You’ll find them and their families at Snowshoe regularly in the winter and as often as possible in the summer.